• Enjoy a Safe, Reliable Electrical System With Services From Fowler Electric LTD

  • Expect Our Technicians to Give You Electrical Services That Won’t Short Out Your Wallet.

Count on Two Decades of Industry Experience

Locally owned and operated in Las Vegas, the electrician at Fowler Electric LTD understands the importance of providing quality service and superior customer care. We strive to be the comprehensive solution to all of your industrial, commercial or residential electrical needs. Whether you need a ceiling fan installed in your home or exterior lighting placed around your business, you’ll find the skills you’ve been looking for at Fowler Electric LTD in Las Vegas. Schedule your initial consultation with our experienced electrician today!
Bring Your Business to Light with Our Services

You can’t run a Las Vegas business without a properly functioning electrical system. Regardless of how big your company is, the electricians at Fowler Electric LTD can handle all of your repair or installation needs. We take pride in being a premier company that can bring the electricity back to your Las Vegas business. When you have an electrical problem at your company, don’t lose money waiting on a slow electrician – pick Fowler Electric LTD for excellent repair and installation services.
Trust Your Fuses to Our Residential Electrician

There’s nothing more disheartening than walking into your Las Vegas home to find you have no power – especially during a scorching, hot summer. Keep your cool and make your home comfortable again by calling the residential electrician at Fowler Electric LTD. We can handle any electrical installation or repair need in your home, from panel updates to outlet repair. Our residential electrician will come to your Las Vegas home, look over your system and inform you of the repair or installation process. Get peace of mind knowing our electrician is tackling your problem correctly.
Call Us Now for Comprehensive Services

Having a properly functioning electrical system is important. Not only does it provide light inside of your home or business, it also runs your HVAC unit, security system, hot water heater and other aspects. Instead of living with a faulty wiring system or waiting to see if your power comes back on, schedule an initial consultation with the professional electrician at Fowler Electric LTD in Las Vegas. Stop living and working with broken outlets and an improperly functioning electrical system and speak with our residential and commercial electrician today.

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